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Join in your local community for a 5 star networking experience where we combine the power of connection with education to help you strengthen your business structure while meeting the perfect clients. 

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Online Networking Events

Ahhh yes! The wide world of virtual networking is growing and we are honored to be a major leader in this transition. Savvy is home to over 30 virtual networking events each month. 

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Membership Community

Networking for Profit is the Hub that thousands of entrepreneurs connect to daily to ignite meaningful conversation that transforms into leads, partnerships, inspiration and sales. 

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New Age Networking

It’s time to flip the switch and start thinking BIGGER! Networking is no longer sales and referral-focused. Founder Sarah Gretzinger created New Age Networking events with high-value impact.

The Savvy Networker is an opportunity for business owners to not only network but also learn how to build authority-based businesses so they can support the network their are building. You see much like me, there was a time where I knew exactly where I wanted to be in business but much like most, I had ZERO clue how to get there.  The Savvy Networker is a people-first organization that is dedicated to helping you maximize your network to gain ENORMOUS results. 

The Savvy Networker is where goal oriented entrepreneurs connect, network, and educate one another. Growing your business doesn't have to mean doing more IF you know how to do it the smart way.


Networking For Profit is your gateway to developing a strong network that produces results. It's the next step in your online learning journey that encompasses everything you need to take your business to the next level. Level up your network with a leading-edge curriculum of business development programs. All powered by our revolutionary online learning platform that combines community and daily transform in ways traditional learning never could.

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We've built an incredible community to inspire you to take action and make those big wild dreams you've set for yourself a reality.


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