Let's be honest here, you probably open up your email system, stare at a blank page and take a wild stab at what you are going to tell your audience. 


Sound familiar?


Or perhaps you do the famous newsletter email campaign?



People want VALUE...they want CONTENT...they want to know  HOW TO TAKE ACTION. 


If your emails are designed for anything else, it's likely why they aren't converting. 


Take a moment and answer these questions:

-> Are you consistent with your emails?

-> Do your emails have a clear purpose?

-> Do your emails speak to your clients pain points and share HOW they can have transformation with your program, product or service?

-> Are your emails focused on YOU or your audience?


I'll bet your answer to these questions was a dead give away as to why your emails aren't putting $'s in the bank!


That's why we're brining back the famous training on how to craft an email campaign designed to help you get people on the phone. 

Now in a normal training one may just tell you what to do but not this one!

We are going to give you the EXACT email strategy we used to book over 1700 calls last year. 

It's time to stop sending emails that convert to nothing

 April 8th, 7 PM EST

I want to master my email campaigns and book more sales calls

What are you waiting for?

This 5-day training will take away the stress and overwhelm of wondering how to get a consistent flow of leads into your high ticket program. 

I am going to walk you through my 6-part framework:

  • Honing in on your zone of genius
  • Creating credibility 
  • Messaging and positioning
  • Getting an audience
  • Monetization
  • Automation

Why you need to be seen as an expert?


...because it's the #1 factor in whether someone whos ready to buy, buys from YOU or someone else. 

I'm ready to have an email funnel that gets me more sales calls

BONUS Networking Session: Post workshop we will host a 30 minute networking event